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Samurai is committed to growing the game of Lacrosse in St. Louis. We have established a very clear path for players to begin playing the sport that has been successful with bringing 100+ of athletes into the sport.

Seasonal Open House Program

Try lacrosse with our free seasonal open house program.  This program is a 1 hour class that is designed to let players experience the sport with no finanical committment. Players are provided sticks and use soft lacrosse balls while playing in fun games and drills.

Once the athlete has found a passion to play from the open house, we move them into 1 of 3 programs.

Stick & Ball

  • ​This program is 4 weeks of similar programming to our open house.  For some families, the open house doesn't work with the schedule or one hour of lacrosse is not enough to justify the investment.  We build on the open house experience with 4 more weeks of lacrosse using our sticks and softballs to ensure the athlete is committed to playing while learning the basics.
  • Players in this program are brand new to the sport.

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Little Sumo's

  • ​This program is one of our most exciting programs.  It is exclusive to St. Louis in that we are the only program to offer 100% brand new equipment to all athletes that participate.  The equipment is included in the fees to help families lower the financial costs to start playing. Families can opt out of the equipment if they already have it and receive a discount code.
  • The program is 6 weeks of practices and games (twice a week committment).  Each practice and game are 1 hr in duration while offering a fun and instructional way for the athlete to begin playing and learning the rules and game concepts.
  • Players in this program range from brand new to intermediate.

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  • ​This program is tried and true! We offer Academy to players that need more instruction before making the jump to our team or for players that just want to get a better instruction to become a top athlete in the area.
  • This program is 6 weeks of practice only.  Each practice is customized to the group and helps them better prepare for gameplay.

Players in this program should have some experience.

Check out our website menu to learn more and sign-up for the right program! You can also contact our Youth Program Director Adam Gardner at or 971-235-6611

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